Heather Vahn – Petite Foot Sex Cutie

heather vahn foot worship

Aspiring actress Heather Vahn thought she was going to get some head shots for her portfolio. But she gets a surprise from a foot obsessed photographer! As her shoe dangles from her toes, exposing the heel of her foot, Heather doesn’t realize how she is driving her photographer (Danny) nuts as she poses for her pictures. When his camera goes from pointing at her face to her feet Heather wants to stop the photo session. But she is convinced that she should free herself and expose her petite feet. Within seconds after she slips out of her shoes her bare feet are in Danny’s mouth. He sucks and licks every inch of Heather foot flesh. With the taste of Heather in his mouth Danny unzips his pants, pulls out his cock and encourages Heather to wrap her soft feet around and stoke it. At first Heather is nervous but soon discovers how much fun it is. Totally turned on now Heather uses her saliva filled mouth to get Danny’s cock nice and wet and ready to fuck her tight pussy. After a number foot sex postions including missionary where her feet are in Danny’s face. Danny can’t hold back any longer, pulls out and explodes his load all over Heather’s toes. Heather may not of gotten the head shots she wanted but she got a nice cum shot all over her pretty feet. To end a very satisfying foot sex session.

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